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The Ultimate POV Action Movie Will Be ‘Hardcore’!

Kazakh director-producer Timur Bekmambetov’s company Bazelevs has begun shooting sci-fi action thriller Hardcore starring District 9‘s Sharlto Copley, advertised as “the world’s first POV action movie.”

We are the first people in the world who are shooting a POV action adventure film,” first-time director Nikita Naishuller told THR. “No one has ever done anything like that.

We have a very interesting mix,” he added. “We have wild action, we have lots of stunts that haven’t been done before, and we have a strong story.

Naishuller got the directing job on the strength of a music video he directed (easily one of the best music videos ever made) for his indie rock band Biting Elbows. The video for “Bad Motherf—er,” released last March, became a huge hit, generating more than 23 million views in four weeks. The video’s look and style is to be used in the movie, which is being shot with a GoPro camera.

The story is centered on a cyborg created at a secret Moscow laboratory who is trying to find a girl he was in love with in his previous life.

In line with the title, this will be a very hardcore film, R-rated,” Naishuller said. “It’s going to be an absolutely male film.

I saw [Naishuller’s video], and it was amazing, it was a very different approach to action,” Copley told THR. “He’s almost reinventing the action genre for the new generation.

We work on a very small budget, but it gives us a level of freedom to try things and to experiment,” he added.

The release is tentatively scheduled for 2014.

  • DarrelDreadful

    If the movie is anything like that video, then it is a must see!


    We are the first people in the world who are shooting a POV action adventure film… maybe a full movie but the idea has been done a LOT before this began. I’m more excited to see Maniac

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