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‘Darkwood’ Dev On Designing A Successful Horror Game

BD: Recently, Darkwood’s Indiegogo campaign was a big success. What was it like seeing that tangible support for your game from the online community?

Pretty amazing! We were a bit depressed at first because the campaign wasn’t going too well for the first few weeks, but then we released our second trailer and finally the press did really pick up on it!

BD: The crowd-funding campaign reached its first stretch goal, which means Darkwood will be getting free DLC for backers. Can you shed any light on what that DLC might entail?

It remains to be seen! We’ll get feedback from the community about the things they liked or hated and accordingly add new features or content to it based on what people say, and of course the resources we will have after the game is released.

BD: Sadly, the campaign didn’t raise enough to reach its other stretch goals, which would’ve funded co-op and a New Game+ mode. Assuming the game is as successful as it should be, is there a chance we could see those features implemented down the road?

Of course, they could be even added as the previously mentioned DLC if the game sells well and we have the means to keep working on it!

BD: Again, assuming Darkwood finds the audience it deserves on PC, are there any plans to bring it to consoles or mobile?

Definitely, we want to bring Darkwood to as much people as possible. We’re PC gamers ourselves, but we’ve been getting a lot of e-mails about other platforms. Thanks to the new engine (Unity) we are using, publishing to consoles or mobile will be much easier, but we will think about them after Darkwood is released on the PC, Mac and Linux.

BD: Any word on when we can expect Darkwood to release?
Yup, we’re aiming at mid-2014 for the finished version.

BD: I saved the most important question for last. The world wants to know… do you wear those wizard outfits all the time?
Yup! But the beards make it hard to eat anything (unless you like oakum, from which the beards were made), so we just stay with the robes.

Huge thanks to awesome guys at Acid Wizard Studio for taking the time to chat with me. If you’d like to know more about Darkwood, you can follow the game on Steam Greenlight.

Have a question? Feel free to ever-so-gently toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting.

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