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‘Outlast’ Or ‘Amnesia’: Which Horror Game Are You Most Looking Forward To?

I’m going to ask you a question that I honestly couldn’t answer myself. At the end of the summer — likely around August — two hugely anticipated indie horror games will battle it out for your time and your money.

The first is Outlast. Developed by Red Barrels Games, it’s been described as the “new Amnesia.” Then there’s Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, a collaborative effort between developers thechineseroom (Dear Esther) and Frictional Games (The Dark Descent), which has a high bar to live up to as a sequel to what many consider to be the scariest game of all time.

So my question is this: of the above two games — both of which will likely scare the pants off us when they finally release — which are you most looking forward to? Vote after the break!

Which Are You Most Excited For?

After you’ve voted, feel free to let me know why you chose the game you did in the comments. I genuinely want to know, because right now, the two are 50/50. If you need help deciding, here’s a trailer for both games to help you out.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    Outlast all the way. The demo alone really packed a punch. Can’t wait to see what the whole game is like. Amnesia was (and still is) VERY overrated. Sure, it’s creepy, but it’s not the scariest game of all time. I feel like the people who say that haven’t really played any horror games and they just played Amnesia because everybody else was doing it. Kind of like what happened with Slender. It became this pop culture thing. Same thing goes with movies too. There are people who are saying The Conjuring is the scariest movie ever. Same answer applies here. In both situations, just a bunch of scared teenagers shitting themselves because they have never experienced, or at least experienced many, horror movies/games.

  • PedJun

    Hi there…
    I would say Outlast, as the atmosphere is really much more creepy and tense. Besides, have you ever been to closed asylums,hospital or sanatoriums? Dude, they have a strange and weird vibe, really spooky. You’re always looking for shadows behind you.
    Therefore, I’ll go with Outlast, which also seems to have the best graphics and storyline…

  • ColdmaN5

    Amnesia for me. While Outlast looks creepy, it could easily be the hype machine showing off the best parts. Amnesia has already proven itself. I’m not a scared teenager–I seek out movies that are considered the “scariest of all time” and although I don’t play games very often, also make a concentrated effort to find ones that are supposed to be terrifying. Most are just a nice build-up punctuated by one big jump scare (see: “Slender”; “The 4th Wall”, “Where Am I?”)

    I thought Amnesia was one of a couple (also “Fatal Frame”) that lived up to the hype. Sure, it tapered off toward the end, but the growing sense of dread and anticipation was perfectly executed.

    I feel like if people don’t like it, maybe they’re just trying to rebel against pop culture, and didn’t give it a fair enough shake. Maybe they saw a trailer, or just played it for ten minutes with the lights on and dismissed it as rubbish because “everyone else was playing it”. I agree usually that’s a good reason to avoid something (I still have zero desire to see “The Conjuring”) but every once in a blue moon, you’ll find the masses were somehow right all along.

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