Special Treat- ‘Last Stop’ Script Review

After ‘Saw’ struck it big at theaters across the world, Evolution became one of the most ‘annoyed’ production companies when it comes to developing films. Now it’s time to see what other studios can step up to the plate and set the standard in contemporary horror- horror I call The Last Stop, which I got my grubby little hands on. Someone needs to make this movie, anyone passing by this sick, demented, fu–ed up ride is an idiot. Read on for my review…
I received a package in the mail today with a nice little surprise. Inside was a script and a DVD, the script was entitled `Last Stop’ and DVD had a film that airs on HBO weekly entitled `Quiet’. I was informed that the script is over at Evolution (Saw) awaiting approval for possible financing. I was also informed that the team who shot the short film `Quiet’ is the same group of talented individuals who would be working on the film `Last Stop,’ if financing goes through.

The film and script were both written by `Christopher White’ and are one of the main reasons these projects are so phenomenal. He has a talent for character development- and insanity, which make his stories something disturbing, gritty and fresh.

In the script `Last Stop’ White builds up Trevor’s character. He’s a hard working father who never has time for his family. He is the head honcho at an advertising firm and is once again missing out on Christmas with his wife and son. His wife is on the brink of leaving him and his son has the sound of extreme disappointment painted on his tongue. Tervor is an ass, and all he can think about is his job.

On his way to a meeting at a local strip club (instead of being home from Christmas eve) his limo is hit by a motorcyclist and the driver has to wait for the police to fill out a report. Trevor is pissed and tries to find a cab to get to his important meeting. He eventually gives up and heads into the subway, which we all know will be the mistake of his life.

He falls asleep on the train and awakes in a tub of ice in an apartment without a kidney. He’s stitched up terribly and bleeding pretty badly. As he crawls across the apartment floor naked, he hears someone is coming- he hides in the closet. He comes face to face with his soon to be savior Jezz, who is mixed up in a huge mess of her own.

Referenced numerous times earlier in the story is a huge disappearance of children across the city. Were could they be? We find out soon enough that their organs go for a lot more than adult organs, and Jezz’s son could become one of the victims.

Trevor finds himself on the run with Jezz as the people behind this black market organ ring are after her- and now him. Christopher White creates some unimaginably terrifying characters that turn this thriller into a horror story. One character wears a trench coat and a fedora and has bandages strapped across his mutilated face. His jaw looks almost skeleton like and his eyes can scare someone to death. (Image to the right is of this character, which was drawn by Ben Templesmith who did the concept art for Sam Rami’s Boogeyman) He enjoys torturing people with sharp instruments, like his sidekick Samoan- a big burly man, who also gives off a supernatural appeal.

In the midst of running from these creatures, they are also on the run from two crooked cops who have begun slaughtering teenage girls for their organs. Jezz and Trevor enlist the aid of Jezz’s sister Holiday, who has a split personality- one is sweet and kind, the other is a dominatrix freak.

What makes `Last Stop’ so compelling is that he takes time with the characters and lets you into their personality. Because of this you have a great character arc driven story, and at the same time the story is disgusting, twisted, dark and grotesque enough to make you cringe- even just reading it made me sick. There is everything from dildos with razor blades on them to children being gutted. Is it in bad taste? I think not, because the gore and disgustingness isn’t there just to shock, it’s part of the tool of the story- it’s there because it needs to be.

One of my favorite lines from the script is when Samoan is going to torture Jezz’s friend Naomi, he pulls out a can and says, “Draino. Works like a charm, no matter what the clog is, it always manages to eat its way through. It’s a tough little bastard… Are you going to be a tough little clog?”

What really put this script together for me in my mind was knowing what it would look like. Having watched the short film `Quiet’ before hand, only made the experience better. In `Quiet’ the DP work is incredible- it reminded me of `Saw’ a tad. The directing mixed with the editing was even better. In one scene the camera spins to the right and then to the left and drop perfectly on the next scene. It truly cannot be justified; it’s something you just must see. If you’re interested just go look at HBO’s schedule for `Quiet,’ it plays on a few of their channels every few days or so.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that this movie gets made. Never has a story created such realism in disgusting and revolting actions. It’s truly a special film that will even have your “I’ve seen everything” horror fans in shock.