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Horror Fans Rejoice! ‘Outlast’ Is Coming This September

Red Barrels’ terrifying horror game Outlast, which has been favorably compared to Amnesia, is just around the corner. Today, they confirmed the game will be available to download on Steam on September 4th for $19.99. That’s certainly cheaper than I expected, but it’s a smart move too. A low barrier of entry means more people playing the game and sharing it with their friends.

I can’t wait for the Slender-style reaction videos that will inevitably take over YouTube. You can look forward to mine as well, on our channel. This bit of news was paired with a fresh batch of screenshots, check them out after the break.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    Yes! 😀


    Hey, is there any word on if this will be coming to PlayStation 3? I have a crappy computer, so I rarely get to play anything on it unless it’s the equivalent of Pong. I hope it will be released for consoles! I really want this badly! 😀

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