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Abigail Breslin Rots In Undead Horror ‘Maggie’, Becomes Newest Scream Queen!

THR writes that Abigail Breslin is joining Arnold Schwarzenegger in the world of the undead.

The actress, who has made a strong case as the newest “Scream Queen” (having starred in Zombieland, Peste, Haunter, Final Girl, Signs and even The Call) is in talks to star opposite Schwarzenegger in the zombie film Maggie, based on a Black List script from John Scott 3.

The pic is about a father (Schwarzenegger) whose daughter, Maggie (Breslin), is infected by a walking-dead virus that has spread across the country.

Commercial director Henry Hobson will helm Maggie, and production will start in the fall.

Schwarzenegger is producing the film alongside Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Matt Baer, Trevor Kaufman, Colin Bates and Joey Tufaro.



  • miles_sadler1

    I cant wait to see the trailer for this!

  • lilmarkuk

    sounds interesting, im always a bit eeek when I think of Arnold in a movie that is not all action, end of days was okish but not that great

    hope he pulls it off because we know he can not keep doing action

  • CaptainHowdee

    I’m not too fond of Schwarzenegger’s recent work, but I absolutely love Abigail Breslin and I’m pretty damn excited that she’s been playing in so many new horror films.

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