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[Fantasia ’13 Review] Cooper Says ‘Missionary’ “Touched Me In All My Dirty Parts”

Bloody-Disgusting has been enjoying a slew of new indie films at the ongoing Fantasia Film Festival, but have been waiting to unload the juicy content until the San Diego Comic-Con press dies down. Well, here we are, with the first review out of the Montreal fest, courtesy of Patrick Cooper.

Cooper checked out Dread director Anthony DiBlasi’s Missionary, a new thriller that follows a wife and mother who starts an affair with a young missionary… with disastrous consequences.

With Missionary, DiBlasi has crafted a tightly wound downward spiral of infidelity, violence, and small-town adversity that’s a model of restraint,” says Cooper in his review. “As a huge fan of the erotic thriller genre, Missionary touched me in all my dirty parts,” he adds. “It’ll certainly make you think twice about those well-dressed Bible bearers canvassing your neighborhood.

Watch the trailer below.



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