Even More [OMFG] Posters and Trailers For Ultra-Hyped ‘Gravity’!

  • djblack1313

    these clips/trailer and this premise freaks me out! being totally stranded alone (like in this movie and movies like OPEN WATER, etc) is a huge fear. i find these clips very very scary.

    the only doubt i have on this movie is how can they fill an hour & 30-ish minute movie with just Bullock & Clooney (who, no offense are 2 of the most boring, lackluster actors ever) talking?

    • K-Dogg

      DJ, I posted this earlier, don’t mean to repeat myself, but I believe I read this aired at a festival and was booed, and reviewed quite poorly, on the fact that it is utterly boring. Now please note, I loved Buried with Ryan Reynolds, so I am not a guy with ADD who needs something happening every 2 seconds, but I just hope these reports were incorrect and that this is an ok flick. That trailer from yesterday is badass, but I feel it might be the only good thing in the entire movie.

      • djblack1313

        K-Dogg, thanx for the heads up. i wouldn’t be surprised if those boos happened. i’m definitely interested in this movie but i’m going to wait until review come out for it. if it had 2 actors who are fascinating to watch (because they are great actors) like THE KILLING/WORLD WAR Z’S Mireille Enos, then i’d be sight unseen into the movie. i just find Bullock (who DOES seem very nice) & Clooney to be yawn inducing.

        • flesheater24

          Well i do feel they did boo the movie. Look at ONLY GOD FORGIVES they boo that and I watched it last night the movie was decent. A real shitastic ending though. But its still a good movie, its nothing like drive. But I hope this movie will be good. It’ll prob end with both of them dying if i would have to guess.

          • djblack1313

            flesheater, i SO wanted to like ONLY GOD but i just detested every character in it (except for the main older cop…who is the protagonist) which made it nearly impossible to love. the movie is ok. i agree, it’s nowhere near as awesome as DRIVE was. IMO.

    • ktn

      I find this scary too. Horror movies never really scare me, but 2001: A Space Odyssey freaked me out on the last 40 minutes.


    the top clip pisses me off just because of how freakin clumsy she is. what do I do? what do I do? jesus is she Michael Cera from Superbad?! duh, grab somethin’ bitch! haha but this should make for an intense ride in the theatre. count me in

    • Incinerated

      She’s a “bitch?” I wouldn’t be surprised if your misogyny is linked to how you have such a poor grasp on your emotions that you got mad at her character. Misogyny is evidence of weakness.

    • djblack1313

      DBZERO, i too was thinking that (i’m not bashing Bullock but i’m questioning the character) her character seemed like she was totally incompetent. then when she said “what do i do???”…yeah that was really like a “WTF?!” moment.

      • grossgreg

        At least she’s highly qualified to be a future member of the crew of the USS Prometheus.

  • grossgreg

    This is definitely an interesting concept, and being stranded in space is one of my biggest fears aside from being buried alive in a plastic drum with the corpse of my best friend.

    • grayghost

      @grossgreg ..Your reference to “Megan is Missing” with the buried alive scence messed me up for a long time…Just the way she was begging for her life saying she’d do anything he wanted was so creepy.

  • Milk

    I’m half way convinced Gravity is going to be 2 hours of boring build up and then 30 minutes of the money shots that are shown in the trailers. I hope this is not the case but I just have that feel.