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This Fan-Made ‘Resident Evil’ Trailer Goes Old School

Remember those hilariously so-bad-they-were-good live-action FMV cut-scenes in the original Resident Evil? Of course you do, they’re impossible to forget. Apparently, the folks at Theatrical Chicken are fans of those amazing cinematics — and really, how couldn’t you be? — so they made an excellent trailer that pays some serious homage to the Resident Evils of past.

You might notice this video hit the Internet back in May. Somehow I managed to not notice it then, but I’m making up for it now. Read on for the trailer.

They followed this up with a deliciously cheesy cinematic trailer, as well as a few more videos, all of which you can find on their YouTube channel. Does this video give anyone else a craving for a good Resident Evil movie?

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