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Here’s An Arsenal Inspired By The Weapons Of ‘Resident Evil’ And ‘Dead Rising’

I’m not much of a gun guy, but I can still appreciate how cool these fan-made weapons are, inspired by Resident Evil, as well as a few from Dead Rising. An impressive level of detail went into making each gun look like it was taken straight out of the universe it was inspired by. My favorite, because I’m bias, is Wesker’s Samurai Edge. That gun rocked in Resident Evil 4. I can’t tell you how many baddies I mowed down with it in Mercenaries, because I can’t count that high.

I’d love to have this guy’s collection, even if it’s just to see the uncomfortable looks on people’s faces when they walk into my home and see an entire wall dedicated to these glorious weapons. Check them out after the jump.

Are those… boxing gloves with friggin’ bowie knives taped to them? Is it Christmas already? The collection is certainly impressive, but I really wish he had more Dead Rising weapons. The guns are cool, but they’ll never be quite as cool as the paddle chainsaw.

For more pictures, check out his gallery.

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