Here’s ‘Riddick’ In Beast Mode, Along With A Lengthy Motion Comic!

  • SonOfVoorhees

    I actually like both the Riddick movies. Chronicles was a good movie and its a shame there wasn’t a sequel. Imagine a murderous loner now turned king of an powerful army……what would he do? Anyway, this new movies looks similar to the first Riddick movie, but i will watch. I like the character and the world its set in. I also read last year that Vin took a pay cut to pay for the movie. So you have to respect that.

  • Evan3

    @SonOfVoorhees – for what its worth, this film is a sequel to Chronicles (just as Chronicles was a sequel to Pitch Black). For obvious reasons though, they are going back to more of the Pitch Black mode, but Chronicles will be addressed (in fact, this motion comic is focused solely on the aftermath of Chronicles).

    Unfortunately, this motion comic was pretty bad.