International Trailer for ‘Insidious Chapter 2’ is Quite Familiar

  • SonOfVoorhees

    Now this is advertised as horror, so if they add comedy stuff like the previous film then im going to be annoyed. Now you can have horror comedy, and i liked the ghost hunter characters in the first movie. But you cant change genre mid movie as it ruins the good that the first half was. Either go full goofy or full horror. But from the trailer, this looks good. Fingers crossed….though i suspect those ghost hunters will be in it again and ruin it. Heres an idea……cant you just make a comedy horror movie with those ghost hunter guys? I would watch that as well.

  • katshot

    Is that only mine opinion, that Patrick Wilson is the worst modern horror movie actor?

    • Ultrazilla

      Yes, that is only your opinion, as he is a perfectly fine actor.

      • Taboo

        Yeah you’re definitely in the minority here, I think he’s been fantastic in these horror films. I especially loved his performance in The Conjuring.

    • egaltt23

      Yes, he’s pretty much perfect. lol