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[Interview] Steve Niles Talks Relaunching ‘Army Of Darkness’

Dynamite Entertainment has big plans for their “Army of Darkness” comic series this fall as it undergoes a complete makeover at the hands of horror veteran Steve Niles with Dennis Calero on art. The new series is set to take place right after the final frame of the original film as Ash remains in the Dark Ages to fight off a new Deadite ruler.

With his extensive experience with horror and his love for the original films, Niles is the perfect candidate to relaunch the series. Niles spoke with BD about rebooting “Army of Darkness”, the appeal of the original films, and more.

BD: How did this project come about?

Steve Niles: I was asked. I said yes.

BD: What direction you plan on taking the series? Will it tie into the new film universe at all?

SN: No connection to any sequel.

BD: What led to the decision to reboot the series as opposed to continuing from the previous comics? Did Dynamite back the idea of a reboot from the beginning?

SN: Starting fresh was Dynamite’s idea. I liked the idea because I knew I wanted to set the story in the dark ages and the best way to do that was lead off straight from the film.

BD: I imagine every horror fan dreams of writing more of the Evil Dead universe. Is it intimidating to be working on such a beloved franchise?

SN: Intimidating? Not at all. I love the film so being able to play in the universe is an honor and a lot of fun.

BD: Will Ash be staying in the Dark Ages, or will he be jumping around in time and space as the series goes on?

SN: The story I’m telling picks up right when the film left off. Ash will find that he is stuck once again in the dark ages and things have gotten much, much worse. No plans to jump to any other times in history but that door is always open.

BD: In terms of the tone, are you staying in line with the largely comedic tone of Army of Darkness, or do you plan on reverting to the more horror-oriented feel of the first two films?

SN: I want to amp up both. There’s no avoiding comedy with Ash. The horror will be extreme at times and way over the top but the comedy always comes out of how Ash reacts to the horror. Ash is a great character and part of what makes him great is his

BD: In an interview with CBR you mentioned that Evil Dead was one of the first films from the ’80s that you thought stood apart and was actually scary. What made it so different at the time? Does it still have that appeal now?

SN: I love anything where people go out and do it themselves. They captured something spontaneous and emotional, something raw a scary. That is a very hard thing to do. I despised the remake so you can see, it’s hard for even the originators to recreated. You can’t recreated raw hunger and thirst to scare. Just can’t be done. Those first three films are very special to me. I can only hope to deliver as much fun and scares.

BD: Anything else you want our readers to know about your take on Army of Darkness?

SN: I’m on for the along haul. I have 12 issues planned now and who knows after that. I just hope people check out Ash and the Army of Darkness.




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