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[OMFG] Footage From ‘Unseen Halloween’ and Then Demand Its Release!

I received a random e-mail from a “Billy Kirkus” with a link to the following unseen footage from 1978, where John Carpenter was in pre-production on Halloween.

This is the first ever Panaglide test by Dean Cundey and Ray Stella back in 1978; right before Halloween‘s principal photography began,” Kirkus explains. “[It was] filmed outside and inside the Panavision studio. Halloween was the 4th movie to use this system.

Trolling forums, he explains the footage: “The first part is Dean Cundey at the camera, then Ray Stella. Krishna Rao is also there too. Notice the station wagon, that is the Myers parents car from the first scene.

He also states that this is just “one clip of rolls of 35mm film I have of footage from the original Halloween (both behind-the-scenes footage, and film from the actual production). This footage is not color-corrected and just quickly transferred by Don May, Jr. few years ago. The actual film footage is of much, much better quality.

Want to see more of the lost Halloween footage? He says to contact Trancas International Films and let them know you want to see the “Unseen Halloween.”



  • eibbor82

    Not sure I’d call this unseen Halloween footage. More like just some camera testing. I’d love to see that stuff from the actual production, though.

    • ThunderDragoon

      My thoughts exactly. 😀

  • mfcmk1

    This is amazing! Being a huge fan of Halloween, any stuff like this is exciting to watch. I know that Don May Jr. found a lot of behind the scenes footage and deleted scenes, but sadly we may never get to see it because I hear he refuses to give it to Trancas but instead is asking a for a ton of money for it. I hope that one day us fans will get to see all of it. Don May Jr. if your listening, please be kind to us Halloween fans and let us see it.

    Aside from contacting Trancas, contact Don May Jr. as well.

    • tngs


      I have never stated how much I want for the footage. NEVER! I asked Trancas to make an offer and then Justin Beahm made an offer and I declined the offer. If I post up the offer from Justin, I’m sure he would be highly embarrassed by the offer. As a matter of fact, I offered this footage for FREE to them for a back end deal after the release. That was absolutely ignored.

      ALL I have ever wanted is for the fans to see the footage and to DEAL only with Malek Akkad. Sadly, he sends others. I was always told “If you want to deal with someone, always deal with the man on top”; like it or not, it’s Malek Akkad and he won’t give me the fans the time of day.

      • mfcmk1

        That’s disappointing to hear. And again, I’m not claiming as a fact that you asked for a lot of money, i’m just saying this is what I had heard. As a fan, I would LOVE to see the footage. It’s a shame that we can’t see it because a deal can’t be made. Why not approach Mr. Akkad directly? He will be at the Halloween convention (

        Or, why not just release the footage online like the clip in this article? Do you know how many fans would jump for joy over this? We will all appreciate it so much, and we will know that if Malek Akkad does not want to give the fans what they want, that Don May Jr. DID! 🙂

        • fersteen

          Don’t believe everything he’s said. He’s essentially demanding royalties for the footage, meaning he wants to be paid every single time someone buys a disc, essentially trying to milk millions out of the footage. If he really wanted the fans to see the footage he would have agreed a long time ago to the thousands of dollars he was offered (I’d read 10 thousand somewhere) and been done with it. But no, he wants money. And he wants money for the rest of his life. He is indeed asking for way too much for what amounts to footage that people beyond the hardcore fanbase wouldn’t care about.

  • djblack1313

    i would LOVE to see any and all of this footage!

  • Nick Graham

    If he’s looking for a big payday, he’s about 13 years too late. The catalog DVD market has not just plateaued, but shrank, and the catalog Blu-Ray market is non-existent (which is why so many studios are willing to license out their horror titles to companies like Scream/Shout Factory and Twilight Time). Not to mention there is already a finalized 35th Anniversary edition of Halloween coming out in September that was done by Trancas and Anchor Bay, which given the shift to streaming will likely be the last physical version of Halloween released. Your window to make big money on this footage was closed before you even found it – start a Kickstarter or sell it yourself, but if you want to make any money off of it, you’re gonna have to sell it to us the hardcore fans directly.

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