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Queen Guitarist Brian May Says Freddie Mercury/Michael Jackson Duets To Be Released This Fall

Three decades ago, Queen singer Freddie Mercury and King Of Pop Michael Jackson entered Jackson’s home studio and collaborated on several tracks. This collaboration ceased when the pair had a falling out. This occurred in 1983. In 2011, the Jackson estate released the tapes to Queen guitarist Brian May, who has since been tweaking, mixing, and layering the demos with additional material. And, according to May, this Fall we’ll finally be able to hear these tracks.

May has stated “There are a few items in progress. We will have something for folks to hear in a couple of months’ time, hopefully.” He continues, stating that the project is, “…exciting, challenging, emotionally taxing. But cool.

According to the official Brian May website, “The tracks are likely to include new guitar solos from Brian May along with Queen-style vocal harmonies.

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  • Bouncy X

    i had no clue this even happened, sounds pretty cool. so i wonder will they be jackson style songs with mercury as a “duet” or mercury/queen style songs with jackson as the “duet”?

    of course with May playing around with them, they might end up being more queen than originally intended but yeah.

  • doomas10

    The tracks are already online. There is more to life than this is one and the other is called state of shock – released with MJ and Mick Jagger. Now will they have different orchestrations? Perhaps. But they have leaked ages ago. The track with Mercury is a nice ballad

    • justininhifi

      I think ‘several’means more than two tracks.

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