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A 14-String Guitar? Now That’s Just Overkill

Jazz metal fusion guitarist Felix Martin is gearing up for the release of his upcoming Prosthetic Records debut album The Scenic Album, which comes out September 17th. The album will showcase Martin’s work with his 14-string guitar. Yes, you read that correctly.

Martin usually uses two seven-string guitars that share one wide neck. However, Martin has recently announced the completion of his “Jazz Metal Machine”, which is picture below. The guitar combines an 8-string neck with a 6-string neck and will feature Seymour Duncan’s first ever 8-string jazz pickups.

The album will feature bassist Nathan Navarro and drummer Marco Minnemann (Necrophagist, Steven Wilson). Pre-orders are available here and come with an instant download of the track “Spam II”.

You can watch a playthrough of his track “Tango” below.

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