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‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel Likely, Thanks To Monstrous Opening In China!

Earlier this week rumor spread like wildfire that a Pacific Rim sequel was hinging on the film’s success in China.

Director Guillermo del Toro is partying like a rock star tonight as Deadline is reporting that the 3D sci-fi actioner’s Wednesday opening in China to a record-breaking $9M. That’s a new high for any Warner Bros release and 23% bigger than for any Harry Potter film. Pacific Rim grossed a huge 70% of market share there. This is after the pic broke through to become the #1 film internationally on July 19-21 as it rolled out into less than half the global territories.

Besides China, Pacific Rim today released in Spain and Japan, and August 9th in Brazil.

The result is that screenwriter Travis Beacham (who had the idea for the film) and co-scribe/director Guillermo del Toro’s film based on Legendary’s homegrown comic book will likely have a sequel.

No one is yet saying this movie is going to turn a profit due to the high cost of its Industrial Light & Magic CGI which sent the budget to $180M-$220M. Unfortunately, U.S. theatrical sales are not expected to exceed $100M all in so overseas coin was crucial. But international was always a big part of Pacific Rim‘s strategy in a crowded summer marketplace. After Sunday the pic’s foreign cume is $140M from 52 territories and its worldwide total is $224M.



  • djblack1313

    AWESOME! i’m in.

  • weresmurf

    The movie will make its budget back in the cinema most likely, or come *very* close.

    When it hits DVD/Bluray/Cable/Pay per view etc. That’s when your profits will soar in. It’s already happened for DREDD.

    I adored this movie, I think the comments of ‘its stupid, its dumb’ were unwarranted and harsh, I think too many people got on that bandwagon without actually knowing what they were talking about, just liking the term and using it as a catchcry, feeling it was ‘jingoistic’ geekspeak as such. Personally I felt the movie was great. Bring on the sequel!

  • tngs

    I see MrDisgusting is as clueless as ever. A film typically needs to make twice as much as it cost to make. The studio only gets about 50% of the domestic take, and even less internationally. This film cost 200 million, not including the marketing budget. The film will neeed to make well over 400 million worldwide just to break even. So no, there won’t be a sequel, unless they like losing money.

    “The movie will make its budget back in the cinema most likely, or come *very* close.”

    No, it’s not going to come even close.

    • genius1234

      Of course! you being the boxoffice genius that you are realise that the majority of a films profits often do NOT come from box office totals, and instead come from licensing, dvd sales and merchandise. But you knew that already right? Not just what it says on boxofficemojo

    • Pink


      By your way of thinking….well…then only Avatar and Titanic made a profit 😉 Thats bullcrap! There`s always more ways to make a profit on big blockbusters.

  • doomas10

    Calm down people! So far it has 225 million worldwide. It just opened big in China, has Brazil, Greece, Norway, Finland, Spain, Japan and at least a dozen countries to open. It will definitely go more than 400 million, mark my words.

  • It makes me weep as an American that my society chose to endorse Grown Ups 2 over this film.

    Can I be an honorary Chinese citizen? Please?

  • amol

    45 million in china,293 million worldwide need 60 million to break-even.

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