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[Exclusive] Havok’s Michael Leon Shares His Top 10 Horror Movies

Thrash metal Havok is rising higher and higher with each release, detonating listeners with their latest album Unnatural Selection )iTunes). And if the cover to that album is any indication, the fellas are big horror fans! I mean, just look at it and tell me that it doesn’t remind you pretty heavily of Re-Animator. Well, bassist Michael Leon is here with his Top 10 Horror Movies and it’s full of some classics, some lesser picked choices, and some good ole’ fashioned schlock!

Leon states, “Being as indecisive as I am, this list is in no particular order. Included in this list are a selection of horror flicks I always reach for when looking for a good old fashioned scare, or to quench my thirst for fictional violence!

Head on down to check out this exclusive list!

Event Horizon – There’s nothing more metal than witnessing Hell itself, and this movie is based all around it! I love this film because of how psychologically disturbing it is. It’s got brutal death scenes, terrifying moments of great distress, and a plot that is truly out of this world! After I saw this movie as a kid, I had nightmares for months! BRUTAL!

The Cell – This movie is one of the most elaborate cerebral horror films to ever have been filmed. Taking place literally inside the mind of a Hellishly demented entity, The Cell pulls you through some seriously twisted environments and situations, all manifested in the psyche of a Serial Killer. Not to mention you get to see J-Lo smoking a joint in her undies! \m/

Stephen King’s “IT” – So many children and adults alike have been permanently scarred by the clown-faced character ‘Pennywise’, that the film has cemented itself as one of the most terrifying movies ever! The imagery used to bring Pennywise’s unique methods of psychological torment is so graphic and elaborate that it’s no wonder why most people shy away from choosing “IT” as a late-night movie choice!

Bram Strokers “Dracula” – This flick has everything! Love, Hate, sex, violence, gore, demonic evils, and a slew of great actors Even Keanu Reeves plays his absent-minded character like only he could!) Anthony Hopkins as the Legendary vampire-slayer Abraham Van Helsing is one of the most bad-ass protagonists in any horror movie in my opinion, and the treachery that he faces will most certainly entertain your appetite for evil-vanquishing badassery!

The Sleepaway Camp Trilogy – Now I know that the dialect and overall tone of these movies are really cheesy, but what I love most about the Sleepaway Camp films are the super creative methods that antagonist ‘Angela Baker’ uses to kill off all the “bad campers” in Camp Arawak. As goofy as these movies are, the death scenes and occasional nudity are pretty much the only really sweet parts, but that is what makes them totally worth watching!

Dawn of the Dead (2008) – Who doesn’t love a widespread zombie apocalypse flick? George Romero is, in my opinion, the best Horror film director of all time, and Dawn of the Dead is a testament to that! A rag-tag group of civilians trapped in a zombie-infested shopping mall fight for their lives, and get picked off in some pretty brutal ways! Not to mention the zombie baby! So sick! Ya’ gotta love a movie without a happy ending! “Dawn of the Dead” is one of my all-time favorites, and one I try to keep in steady rotation!

28 Days Later – The deadly and insanely infectious “Rage” virus is easily the most terrifying concept in all of the “Zombie” films! Being nearly impossible to combat, the Rage virus infects nearly all of the population of Great Britain, leaving a seriously grim environment to survive in. This film will certainly provide a gore-oriented thrill ride, as the “infected” wreak havoc on the surviving humans with the most feverishly brutal ferocity that no other Zombie flick can hold a candle to! Most certainly a Top 5 favorite for me!

Quarantine – As you may have noticed, I’m pretty big on Zombie flicks, and ‘Quarantine’ is one of the most intense, heart-racing, films of them all. Taking place in one multi-floor apartment building, unsuspecting residents, some police officers, fire-fighters, and a film crew duo are involved in the beginning of a Zombie outbreak. One of the coolest parts about this movie is that for the first time, the viewers are subjected to the first stages of an “outbreak,” which is pretty sick. The characters are locked inside of the building while they quickly discover that something unheard-of is taking place, and they are hopelessly stuck attempting to “deal with it.” People get maimed, dogs get eaten, and the overall terror the film produces is sure to enthrall the watcher. Such a brutal concept!

V/H/S – I recently saw this movie up on Netflix, and decided to give it a watch one day. I gotta say, it isn’t one of the greatest horror flicks, but hell, it sure does have some creative plots. I think its rad that movie consists of a few sub-plots, as well as an overall theme that all tie together in the end. The dialog is terrible, but the content is pretty fucking creepy. I would totally suggest checking it out for a decent scare!

The Exorcist – Arguably the best horror movie of all time, The Exorcist set the bar insanely high, especially for when it came out! To me, nothing is more evil and terrifying than dealing with Satan himself! Linda Blair as a possessed child sets the mood for the film to be quite grim, painting an elaborate landscape to terrorize and haunt viewers for the rest of their lives. Totally a must-see for Horror movie fans!

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