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Exclusive: Chilling ‘The Conspiracy’ Clip Hunts the Bull!!!



I LOVE the political genre thriller The Conspiracy, written and directed by Christopher MacBride and produced by Lee Kim. It’s a found-footage thriller is in the vein of Eyes Wide Shut, with plenty more horror elements. You’ll understand the reference a tad more after watching this exclusive clip, where a group of “elite” hunt the bull….

It’ll arrive here in the States on various VOD platforms August 8 with a limited theatrical run on August 23 via XLrator. If you’re heading to Frightfest you can catch it between August 22 and 26 in London, and October 11 in the UK.

I was a pretty huge fan of our Fantastic Fest 2012.

When two young filmmakers (played by Aaron Poole and Jim Gilbert) select a crazed conspiracy theorist as the subject of their new movie, they have no idea the terrifying peril they will put themselves in. When the man disappears without a trace, the filmmakers begin an obsessive quest to uncover the truth that will lead them to an ancient and dangerous secret society. A meticulously researched thriller based on real conspiracy theories, The Conspiracy blurs the line between fact and fiction, news and propaganda.

The film was inspired by actual conspiracy theories, notably those surrounding the Bohemian Club and the Bilderberg Group, both secretive organizations closed to the public and made up of a who’s who of power players in international politics and business.

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Check out the U.S. theatrical poster here:


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