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[Exclusive] We’re Premiering Bermuda’s Torture Filled “Process Of Drowning” Music Video

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Ventura County, CA hardcore metal band Bermuda to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for “Process Of Drowning”. The Alan Collins-directed music video mixes performance footage with footage of a woman being beaten and submerged in a bucket of water, over and over again.

Vocalist Corey Bennet describes the video process: “The video was shot in Birmingham, Alabama in the span of 3 days (1 for our performance shots and 2 for Abbey’s story shots) with local director Alan Collins. We had a great time shooting it (though as any band will tell you, lip syncing to your own music and acting as though you’re playing is awkward) and learned a lot from the experience. We knew we wanted a story to the video, and wanted there to be meaning to it rather than just a bland performance video. Thus the idea of our heroine being kidnapped, tortured and drowned (signifying being taken advantage of, used, hurt, or betrayed by individuals) by a faceless assailant, who mistakenly walks away from his victim and thereby becomes the victim himself. We are beyond proud of the final product, and hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Our biggest thanks go out to Alan and his crew, as well as our actress Abbey, for their gracious involvement!

“Process Of Drowning” comes from the band’s sophomore album The Wandering, which came out last year. You can purchase that album via iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

You can watch the exclusive video premiere below.

Actress Abbey Conlee adds, “It was very intense. I felt like I should be giving up some computer codes after being waterboarded. I watched a lot james bond and spy films for inspiration. I felt very tough going on set, but the shoot alone taught me how much I can actually take. I’ve shown family and friends raw footage from the shoot and they cringe throughout most of the video. It looked very real to them, and that’s because in the production world you can fake a lot of things, but there aren’t many ways to fake drowning.

Bermuda on-line:

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