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[Random Cool] Hilarious “4th String Jaegers” From ‘Pacific Rim’

This absolutely hysterical Tumblr page has been collecting a list of artist’s “4th String Jaegers”, inspired by Guillermo del-Toro’s Pacific Rim.

In the summer blockbusters, Jaegers are a special type of mobile weapon created by the Jaeger Program. The human-created Jaegers were the most effective line of defense against the multi-dimensional Kaiju monsters.

The new mega-machines were created using Warner Bros.’ Jaeger app, and include Italy’s “Spagetti Meatballs”, Unites States’ “John Madden”, “Diarrhea Touchdown”, “Padawan Dickshark”, “Oops Sorry Sorry” and even the hilariously titled “Slightly Scratched Your Corolla”.

Even funnier are the “Pun-Jaegers”, which had me tearing up laughing; “I Saw Monsters and Iran”…

Keep up with new additions here.



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