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This Devil’s Kiss Vigor Is Something I Desperately Need

Irrational Games is selling a gorgeous Devil’s Kiss Vigor, as seen in BioShock Infinite. It looks incredible, and if I hadn’t already seen what happens when you take a swig out of that intricately detailed bottle I would consider using it for my afternoon tea — and by afternoon I mean morning, and the tea is actually vodka. My life sucks, you guys. Hold me.

Anyway, this Vigor prop is stunning, and for $350 it can be yours. If you’re willing, or able, to drop that much cash you can look forward to getting a hand-painted 9″ tall bottle made from pressure cast resin. If you’re feeling a little more frivolous with your newspaper route funds you can drop $600 for a bottle that’s been signed by Irrational Games’ Creative Director — and personal hero of mine — Ken Levine, which comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Pictures after the break!

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  • AndrewRyan

    Very Excited. Just bought one of the 50 Signed By The Father of Rapture and Columbia; it’s gonna look great in my display case with all of my other Bioshock collectibles, which include: the entire franchise Neca Line, My Murder of Crows Replica Bottle, my Songbird statue, 2 of the Andrew Ryan Statues (yeah, those ones), and my Adam Extractor (purchased by an awesome Cosplay designer from Etsy). Oh, and did I mention it’s going in My Andrew Ryan Themed Office? Complete with Victrola, golf, club, huge Andrew Ryan Portrait, Jasmine Jolene Poster hanging above my vintage red velvet fainting couch, and a big ass executive desk and Persian rug. When I look back at the thousands I’ve spent, I almost feel bad….but then I think W.W.A.R.D.? He would gloat and rub it in everyone’s face, much like I have just done. Read it and weep, bitches. Now I’m off to sell a kidney (not my own) to secure one of the Sander Cohen Figurines made for the Irrational Employees that worked on the first game. And that, my dear friends, is gross capitalism in action….

    • Adam Dodd

      Can I… can I come live with you?

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