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This Devil’s Kiss Vigor Is Something I Desperately Need



Irrational Games is selling a gorgeous Devil’s Kiss Vigor, as seen in BioShock Infinite. It looks incredible, and if I hadn’t already seen what happens when you take a swig out of that intricately detailed bottle I would consider using it for my afternoon tea — and by afternoon I mean morning, and the tea is actually vodka. My life sucks, you guys. Hold me.

Anyway, this Vigor prop is stunning, and for $350 it can be yours. If you’re willing, or able, to drop that much cash you can look forward to getting a hand-painted 9″ tall bottle made from pressure cast resin. If you’re feeling a little more frivolous with your newspaper route funds you can drop $600 for a bottle that’s been signed by Irrational Games’ Creative Director — and personal hero of mine — Ken Levine, which comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Pictures after the break!

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