'Lauren is Missing' Premieres At the Sidewalk Film Festival August 24 - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Lauren is Missing’ Premieres At the Sidewalk Film Festival August 24



Having its premiere at the Sidewalk Film Festival on Saturday, August 24th in Alabama is Mike Harring’s Lauren is Missing, about two women, a missing roommate, taxidermy, a creepy blind dude and a fuck load of booze.

Mia (Brand Upon The Brain’s Maya Lawson) returns home from an unnamed journey to find her belongings packed and her roommate missing. She strikes up a friendship with Millie, a quirky outgoing woman who claims to be a friend of the missing roommate. Their friendship blossoms, leading to many mischievous, debauched adventures and a much-needed job at a taxidermy studio. Meanwhile, a mysterious and ghostly stalker (who may or may not be a link to the missing roommate) spies on Mia, his presence increasingly threatening as they move ever closer to a finale in which a missing roommate is only part of this terrible equation.

Trailer below!


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