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Why Can’t This Be A Movie: Found Footage Vampires In ‘Suckers’

There are rarely times that I hear about a comic book project that I wish were a movie instead, and while I haven’t read this yet, the concept alone screams feature film. “Suckers” is a new comic book series coming from Zenescope Publishing. Bleeding Cool got the scoop from co-creator Pat Shand, who describes as, “A comedy about a pair of blood pong playing vampires who take issue with the current depiction of their kind in movies. Armed with a camcorder and their bloodlust, they hit the streets with the intention of making their own reality horror film to give vampires back their bite”.

While I would be happier if it wasn’t a comedy, it’s a pretty brilliant concept. I can see it playing it SO well on the big screen. Here’s to hoping someone buys the rights from them, or, you know, rips them off.

“Suckers” #0, by Pat Shand and Ian McGinty, will be available on August 14th on ComiXology.



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