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SyFy Manages To Make A Movie Without Sharks In ‘Invasion Roswell’!

We dig our Alien abduction/invasion movies around here, so it’s nice when the SyFy Network takes a break from films like Sharknado (which I refuse to see) and Sharktopus and actually focusses on “Sci-Fi” a little. While the CGI budget reminds you that Invasion Roswell is every inch a SyFy production, it’s got a refreshing lack of marine life on display.

After the American Army shot down a UFO in 1947, generations of elite commandos were secretly trained to deal with the aliens’ feared return. However, the extra-terrestrials never came back and the elite force was disbanded. Sixty-six years after the Roswell crash, the aliens are invading Earth and only the over-the-hill retired commandos can stop them.

The film stars Greg Evigan (“Melrose Place”) and Denise Crosby (Pet Sematary, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) and was written by Jackson Stewart (“Supernatural”) and Berkeley Anderson (“Grendel”). It was directed by David Flores (Lake Placid 2).

Check out the TV spot below. It airs this Thursday, August 8th at 9/8C.



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