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[Modern Art] These Monsters Are One Part Clive Barker, Two Parts ‘Silent Hill’

I can appreciate solid creature design. It’s an important thing to get right, especially when you’re talking about horror games. One of the (many) things that makes the Silent Hill franchise so unique is the incredibly creative and often disturbing monsters the game throws at us with each new game. For me, a majority of the video game monsters that have proven the most memorable come from the unhealthy amount of time I’ve spent exploring the foggy streets of Silent Hill.

Today we’re going to look at the work of Anastasios Gionis, an artist whose work channels Clive Barker, with a side of Silent Hill and Doom. He’s also responsible for the Dragonbat in the excellent film, Cabin in the Woods. Enjoy.

For more of Anastasios’s work, check out his gallery.




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