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[Trailer Vs. Trailer] ‘Fright Night Part 2’ Versus ‘Fright Night 2: The New Blood’!!!

We live in strange times indeed. Not only are there enough remakes for a million Trailer Vs. Trailer posts, but the horror genre is truly crossing the rubicon when it comes to even being able to tell the difference between “remake,” “reboot,” and “sequel.” It’s clear that Charley Brewster is back to square one (with Evil Ed back in tow) for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Fright Night 2: New Blood (out on home video October 1st).

While it’s obvious that this isn’t the first time Brewster has fought a vampire on film, it’s not even the first sequel in which he’s battled a female vampire. 1988’s Fright Night 2 featured a similar “seductress” angle, but managed to be a pure sequel (even if Evil Ed had come back, which was the original plan before actor Stephen Geoffreys turned down the part for 976-EVIL, he would have been a straight up vampire).

With that in mind, lets see how the trailers for these two Fright Night sequels stack up against one another. Also, is the legacy of Charley Brewster strong enough to sustain FOUR movies?

First, the 1988 “original” sequel.

Now, the 2013 sequel-boot.


It’s really no contest. While both are brief and offer significantly different antagonists than their predecessors, the trailer for the 1988 sequel has charm – and entertainment value – to spare. That’s not to say that the new The New Blood won’t be any good, but its teaser lacks some much of the fun that even the trailer for the 2011 remake managed to possess.

So, despite being goofy as sh*t, I’ve gotta go with the old standard. How about you guys?




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