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I’d Crowdsource Mark Borchardt’s ‘Scare Me’

Last night Sundance had a very special screening of the infamous documentary, American Movie, which had filmmaker Chris Smith in attendance, as well as the subject of the doc, Mark Borchardt, who eventually finished his short film “Coven”.

I joined in the celebration from home by re-watching American Movie with fresh eyes, and found myself enamored with Borchardt’s passion for filmmaking. So many aspiring filmmakers “talk” about what they’re going to do, while Borchardt is someone who actually risked everything to pursue a seemingly impossible dream.

Doing some fresh research on the Wisconsin native, I learned that he’s allegedly hard at work on Scare Me, a feature about an alcoholic writer that’s been “casting” and/or “filming” since 2004. With a decade approaching, I’m wishing that Borchardt would utilize new technology and crowdsource his long-delayed feature, assuming he didn’t finish it yet – IMDB says that an April 1, 2014 release is planned, but I think that’s just a sick joke created by a user.

Personally, I would donate to his cause, and would be ecstatic to see him finally get a major feature completed with some real money. I can only hope that last night’s screening reinvigorated a fire within to get Scare Me back into production…

What are your thoughts on the matter?

  • Baphochrist

    I’m a huge fan of American Movie, Coven and Borchardt (and company) in general. I’ve occasionally searched for info and interviews with the man and from what I’ve gathered he has very little interest in “rushing” any future filmmaking. He seems very content doing…whatever it is…he’s presently doing and that’s cool, but I’m like you man I would love for Mark to find passion for filmmaking again. He was offered a ton of stuff after American Movie and turned it down, pretty sure the vast majority of those ships have sailed however I’m confident a kickstarter or indiegogo would be very successful, and I sure as shit would donate to the cause!

  • BabyJaneHudson

    Whoa. This is the first time I’ve seen his stuff. Very unpolished, but intense – reminds me of some of the trippy scenes from Lynch. I’d be up for watching more, but not sure he’s Hollywood marketable. Definitely looks like he’s intent on doing exactly his own thing.

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