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Nazi Zombies Focus Of ‘Dead Snow 2’ Featurette

A subtitled behind-the-scenes featurette has been revealed for the Norwegian Dead Snow 2: War of the Dead (Død Snø 2), one again directed by Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters‘ Tommy Wirkola.

The sequel follows the sole survivor of a Nazi zombie attack who battles an even larger army of Zombies with the help of a professional gang of American zombie killers who call themselves the Zombie Squad.

Wirkola said of the new script: “[It’s] bigger, scarier, funnier, more action-filled and gorier than the previous one.”



  • ZedtheUndead

    yes! a million times yes!, LOVE the first one, I can’t wait to see this one, the zombie ass kicking seen was way to short in the first one, looks like this one is going to be full of zombie smashing goodness! can’t wait! 😀

  • diapers

    Oh, HELLS YES. Dod Sno is one of my all time fav’s. How are they going to top the head-split-brain-fall-out scene?

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