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Takashi Shimizu’s Long Delayed ‘7500’ Ready To Take Flight?

The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu may finally see the release of his long delayed English language debut, 7500 (Flight 7500), which has been on CBS Films’ shelf for quite some time.

According to star Scout Taylor-Compton, best known for her role in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, we will finally see the J-horror haunter that takes place a mile up in the air.

“7500 hits theaters in October! Good day for news,” Compton stated on Twitter.

“True Blood’s” Ryan Kwanten and Amy Smart co-star as married couple Brad and Pia Martin, who board Vista Pacific Flight 7500 with their two longtime friends for a trip to Japan. Leslie Bibb is set to play Laura Baxter, a stewardess on the transpacific liner, who is involved in a complicated and secret relationship.

Johnathon Schaech, Jamie Chung, Nicky Whelan, Christian Serratos, Jerry Ferrara and Alex Frost also star. Thanks to ‘D’Angelo F.’ for the tip.



  • doomas10

    The trailer is totally lame. Good credentials…but does not look at all scary or remotely believable. Shame because the airplane setting is creepy enough.

  • diapers

    J horror on a plane, huh? Could be hard to pull off. Quiet and dark are not easy to find on a plane, me thinks.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I love the fact we’re finally getting an appropriate number of horror movies this October.

  • anthony1

    They better start promoting this soon or something leads me to believe this is going to have a limited release and vod release. I hope they release it wide so we can see a good number of horror films this Fall on the big screen.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. I was scared that the delay meant it was going straight to DVD. Glad that’s not the case.

  • harrynico4

    I actually just remembered about this movie about a week ago and was wondering when they were going to finally release it. Hopefully, it’s worth all the wait.

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