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BT’s “A Song Across Wires” A Must-Experience Celebration of Music!



Grammy-nominated BT is back with A Song Across Wires, his mind-blowing new album that’s now digitally available via iTunes, Armanda Music, as well as various other online retailers (it’ll be in stores Tuesday).

Bloody Disgusting appropriately received an early copy of the ‘full continuous mix’ track, which runs 79:30. The ‘continues mix’ is an album only exclusive to iTunes, which mixes the entire #ASAW album into a lengthy, single track that delivers BT’s “true vision” (it’s like a director’s cut to the shorter, tighter, and much more explosive album versions). Single track, or broken down individually, A Song Across Wires takes you on a head-trip of a journey through a musical landscape that touches everything from modern electronica to dubstep, trance and more. The press release explains that ASAW is the accumulation of over 20 years of pioneering music and innovation in the dance music scene. Recognized as the godfather of trance and progressive house, this album is a return to BT’s roots in many ways. The title “ASAW” is more than literal.

The album’s single, ‘Surrounded’ (listen below), is a must-experience celebration of music that will ignite fresh passion for BT. Each song could be its own breakout single, and is so vastly different that it’s like experiencing a non-stop action movie building to an epic climax.

By this writing, the entire album should be streaming, and even though it’s an exit from horror I highly recommend giving it a full listen. If anything, listen to ‘Surrounded’ and watch your head explode…

*Also recommended: ‘Tonight’, featuring tyDi & Jes, as well as ‘Love Divine,’ featuring Stefan Dabruck & Christian Burns.

01. BT – Skylarking
02. BT & JES – Letting Go
03. BT & Adam K – Tomahawk
04. BT & Bada – City Life
05. BT, TyDi & Tania Zygar – Stem The Tides
06. BT, TyDi & JES – Tonight
07. BT & Christian Burns – Love Devine
08. BT & Aqualung – Surrounded
09. BT – Vervoeren
10. BT, Tritonal & Emma Hewitt – Calling Your Name
11. BT, Arty & Nadia Ali – Must Be The Love
12. BT & Senadee – Lifeline


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