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Top Cow Solicits ‘A Voice In The Dark’ #1, Described As “Strangers in Paradise Meets Dexter”

One of the coolest announcements to come out of this year’s SDCC for me was the announcement that Top Cow will be publishing “A Voice In The Dark” by writer/artist Larime Taylor through their Minatour Press imprint (“Think Tank”, “Echoes”). Terry Moore describes the book as as “Strangers in Paradise meets Dexter” which is a bang on synopsis of the series.

Taylor is a true inspiration as he suffers from Arthrogryposis, a birth defect that stunts development of the limbs in utero and left him with limited use of his arms and legs. Taylor refuses to let that prevent him from making comics, as he developed a unique drawing style that allows him to draw using his mouth! Taylor is a comic book making machine, as he writes, pencils, inks, shades and letters ‘A Voice In The Dark’ all by himself.

All that wouldn’t matter if the book sucked, but ‘A Voice In The Dark’ is truly fantastic and deserves to be read by anyone who enjoys books like ‘Strangers in Paradise’, ‘Y: The Last Man’ or ‘Jinx’ by Brian Michael Bendis. You have to read this book, so check out the solicitation for issue #1 after the jump and make sure you ask your local comic shop to pre-order you issue #1.


story / art / cover LARIME TAYLOR
48 PAGES / BW / T+

It’s been 72 days since Zoey killed someone. With her recent move to college, Zoey is eager to start a fresh chapter of her life — one where she can control her dark urges the way she has before. But when she becomes the host of a late-night campus radio show, Zoey must consider if she has given a voice to something far more troubled than her anonymous callers.



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