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‘Castlevania’ Producer Wants A ‘Silent Hill’ Reboot



Dave Cox, producer on the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is into the idea of a fresh start for the Silent Hill franchise. When asked about which of Konami’s series needs a “refresh,” Cox pointed to the most obvious one.

“I guess Silent Hill would be the obvious one. Sometimes a series needs a little break. Sometimes it needs to have fresh eyes, a new team to come in and bring their creative vision to it. Perhaps, Silent Hill will be a project Konami that can bring back,” Cox told Siliconera. “It’s not something that I would be particularly interested in doing myself. I’m more of an old school guy. I grew up with Castlevania and Contra is what made want to work at Konami at the end of the day. They are my passions. I’d like to see Konami do some new stuff, bring something new to the table. I think next generation offers great opportunities to do new things.”

I think many fans of the survival horror franchise would agree. Downpour built a solid foundation, but its myriad flaws kept it from becoming the success the series so desperately needs. Recently, there have been rumors that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima may be involved with the next game.

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