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[TV] “Bates Motel” Gains A Smart, Sexy Business Woman



Kathleen Robertson (“Boss”) is joining the Season 2 cast of A&E’s “Bates Motel” as Jodi, a smart, sexy businesswoman and artist who’s as hard-charging as she is successful, TVLine reports.

Says the site, while it’s not yet clear how exactly Robertson’s character will play into the world of Norma and Norman Bates, one thing is certain: Jodi’s a natural born leader who gets what she wants — personally and professionally — and she’s not afraid to use her arsenal of brains, charm and creativity to make things happen.

Also, just reported, prolific character actor Michael O’Neill, below, whose stint as a vengeance-seeking, gun-toting widower in the Season 6 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” resulted in one of the highest body counts in the show’s history, is joining the A&E spookfest in Season 2 as a… vengeance-seeking baddie. He’ll play the recurring role of Nick, a smart and potentially ruthless charmer who is mourning the grisly death of his daughter and sets out to exact revenge on the perp responsible.

“Alias” alum Michael Vartan recently joined the Season 2 cast as a new romantic interest for Norma (played by Emmy nominee Vera Farmiga). Other new characters will include Christine, a local socialite in her late 30s who becomes Norma’s first real friend; and Caleb, Norma’s estranged forty-something brother who comes to town to coax his little sis into investing in a presumably shady business venture.

Production on “Bates‘” 10-episode second season got underway late last month; the show returns in 2014.