Exclusive: Brutal '36 Saints' Clip Prepares For Attack - Bloody Disgusting!

Exclusive: Brutal ’36 Saints’ Clip Prepares For Attack


Active Fox Productions has shared with Bloody Disgusting a pretty brutal exclusive clip from 36 Saints, opening in theaters September 6, 2013.

The clip features a hotel maid walking into a trap, and then being stabbed to death Michael Myers style. It’s pretty intense.

Directed by Eddy Duran, and starring Franky G, Jeffrey De Serrano, Donna McKechnie, Jaime Tirelli, and Britne Oldford, “When New York Police Headquarters is confronted with the horror of a serial murderer loose on the streets of Manhattan, two detectives (Franky G and Jeffrey De Serrano) are tasked with bringing order to the chaos. Oblivious to the danger, six students from all over the world, who now attend school together in New York, are planning a memorial to celebrate the lives of their 30 lost “brothers and sisters” who died suddenly in a tragic plane crash a year prior. As evidence continues to mount and more body bags are gathered, the detectives are convinced that the killer is basing his crimes on the belief that every generation has 36 righteous individuals who live among us, where, with all of them gone, the world would fall into darkness. It is a race against time for the detectives to stop the murders and find the last of the 36 Saints before the killer does.

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