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I Can’t Tell If This Video Is Serious Or Not

Extreme death metal band Necrosadist has released a music video for a new track entitled “Embalming Table Sodomy” (we’re already off to a great start here, don’t you think?). The video, directed by Viral Veil Productions’ Nick Larry, features performance footage that is so half-hearted and ridiculous that I have to assume the members were just joking around nonstop. I mean, c’mon! The drummer looks like that one guy out of Super Troopers! And half the time the snare hits don’t match with what’s in the video. Oh, and sweet gas mask. Very evil.

The opening of the video suggests that there might be some sort of narrative but that is quickly eliminated. I guess the band gave a budget of $20 for a hallway tracking shot and then did everything else against a green screen.

The band describes themselves as “Brutal Slam Fucking Death Metal From Cincinnati Ohio”. I know about death metal. I know about Cincinnati, Ohio (been there). But I really, really need to know what “brutal slam fucking” is and how it relates to either death metal or Cincinnati.

I…I just don’t know. Head on down to see for yourself.


“Embalming Table Sodomy” lyrics:

Caustic fumes desecrate the skin as it drips from its form
creating fluid pools beneath this skeleton defleshed.
Noxious scum from the bowels bursts from intestinal
seams and foul obscenities plague my malevolent dreams.

This nightmarish void of necrosis devouring space and time,
We walk upon desolate planes beyond reality’s confines.

A yearning for the horror, a need for the unclean, we are utter plague spreading the disease.

Ripped! Gutted! Throat-fucked!

This grotesque defilement of my body extrapolates perverse dimensions of monolithic vulgarity.
I have been cast before the throne of convulsive remnants in my kingdom of infinite decay.

Beyond the diseased air and twisted shadows wrapped in death,
Beyond the dormant destruction of the universe.
I bask in a realm of horrid masochistic infatuation
subjecting all too sadistic pleasures and pain.

This is the ethereal existence of torment, my putrefied domain.

Drowning in their own blood, intestines used as snorkels
Ventilation is fetid, they breathe in the demeanor of death

Their torso tubes create, a symphony of suffering

Screaming and vomiting bile in a synchronized matter
The slaughter swamp they swim in boils their bodies
Melting in visceral waste, the putrid humans contort
Meat dripping off their bones, marrow floats alone
Conceived reality I distort, seraphic misery I exhort

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