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[Release Dates] Dario Argento’s ‘Dracula 3D,’ Dennis Iliadis’ ‘Plus One’ and ‘Dark Touch’

The Last house on the Left director Dennis Iliadis’ festival fav Plus One has been dated for release by IFC Films on September 20. Starring Rhys Wakefield (The Purge), Logan Miller (I’m In The Band), Ashley Hinshaw (Chronicle) and Natalie Hall (Pretty Little Liars), “The party of the decade is disrupted by a mysterious phenomenon, and the evening quickly descends into chaos.Evan Dickson really liked it out of SXSW.

IFC will also release Marina de Van’s Dark Touch on September 27. “Niamh is the lone survivor of a bloody massacre after the furniture and objects in her family’s isolated house take on a monstrous life of their own. The police ignore her wild stories, and the family friends and social worker who take her in try to introduce a new life. But in this psychological thriller, Niamh is unable to leave her violent past behind her, endangering everyone who crosses her path.

Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D has been retitled to Argento’s Dracula, and will release on October 4, both in select theaters and on cable and digital VOD. Based on the original novel by Bram Stroker, about the vampire Dracula, an icon of twentieth century culture. Thomas Kretschmann, Marta Gastini, Rutger Hauer, Asia Argento, Miguel Angel Silvestre, and Miriam Giovanelli all star.



  • Erebus Dirge

    Dracula 3d/Argento’s Dracula.Whatever,dress it up however you like it’s all bullshit! Disappointing doesn’t even cover it. Even the legendary Rutger Hauer and promising newcomer Rhys Wakefield can’t save it. Fucking Clownshoes!

  • Erebus Dirge

    Sorry edit, Ryhs Wakefield is awsome and Plus one is worth a watch. This guy would make a wicked dark dark joker if they reboot Batman and do Killing Joke even as a flashback of something bigger.

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