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Want To See Alfred Hitchcock’s Driver’s License? Sure Ya’ Do!

Brought to my attention on Twitter via @FinnAtFox, here’s a haunting look at the California driver’s license for one Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, which was sold for at auction back in 2008 for a mere $8,000.

It’s a bit of old news, but it’s such a weird experience looking at his license, and seeing the master of suspense at such a vulnerable and real emotional state, that I had to share.



  • Skratchy

    Apparently we share a birthday, albeit, he was born 84 years earlier. Funny to see 8-13-99 and, in this case, it means 1899.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i actually didn’t hear about this before. $8k for a driver’s license!? crazy. i think the LA readers need to start working for the DMV and snatching up expired celebrity driver’s licenses

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