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[Random Cool] ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Writer Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Tell-All Blog!

It never occurred to me that New Line Cinema had released Freddy vs Jason almost exactly ten years after Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

On August 13, 1993, New Line said a fake farewell to the Friday the 13th franchise, setting up the eventual Freddy vs. Jason. Adam Marcus directed the ninth film in the franchise, which was penned by Dean Lorey. Speaking of…

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film’s release, Lorey wrote an insanely lengthy blog reminiscing on the making of the film. It is loooonnnnggg, but the Friday the 13th completest is truly going to enjoy the trip back to memory lane, which is haunted by the infamous slasher and his soul jumping. Personally, I haven’t a second to dig through it right now, but have it bookmarked for a fun weekend read. Hopefully you guys find some good dirt worthy of your time lurking within…

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  • horrorking95

    Jason Goes To Hell gets a bad reception, but I honestly didn’t think it was that bad! It was just a fun, brainless slasher like all the other Friday the 13th films. It also has that really baffling line, “What do you think of when I sawy Jason Voorhees?” “Well, I think of a little girl in a pink dress pushing a hot dog through a doughnut.” It’s like a line out of a David Lynch film!

  • Bouncy X

    to me, its not that its a bad movie…just a bad Friday movie. but take that part out and its a fun, cheesy and gory slasher movie. but it just doesnt fit in with the rest and i think thats where a lot of fans just can’t accept it. i mean sure we accepted in Part 6 that he was basically a zombie but he was already superhuman to a point even before that with the damage he took only to keep going. but to then suddenly imply its some curse thing and he has some sorta demon inside him? that seemed a lil much and pushing it.

    its a similar reason i feel Freddy’s Dead was bad.(though just one of MANY in this case). but to suddenly introduce a backstory that literally had no existance until that very movie…just doesn’t jive. of course its taken to extremes with Jason since it involves demons and things.

  • ThunderDragoon

    It’s a terrible movie no matter which way you slice it. ‘Nuff said.

  • Nothing333

    It’s a bad movie but its bad in a way that goes somewhere else with Jason. The Friday films are pretty much paint by numbers slasher that helped implode the genre in the late eighties and early nineties. At least this film tried to be something more hat a heavily censored bodycount pic. It failed horribly but it tried.

  • TwistedCritic

    I remember as a kid liking that shiny mask on the cover. Actually they should have done something like that for the final act of Jason X.

    • TwistedCritic

      Also, am I just missing Mr. D’s sarcasm about the length? Because this took me less than 10 minutes to read.

      • Krug09

        I am not understanding what that is about… is there an inside joke i am missing here.. or? if sarcasm, why?

  • bigval

    Put simply a horrible movie and one of the more unintentionally silly movies I’ve ever seen.

  • judeau13

    Simply one of the worse films ever shat upon the horror community. I vividly remember the rage when leaving the theater. So many interviews that show Adam Marcus was not only in over his head but basically loathed F13. A turd is a turd and this is the king of all turds.

  • mobstar67

    this film is what season Of The Witch was to the Halloween franchise…i think its not what the fans wanted in a Friday the 13th film ..however just like Season of the Witch as a stand alone film its not the worst film out there but it will never be embraced by the fans of F13 as you can see just by reading the comments on this page…

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