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Techland Opens New Studio To Assist On ‘Dying Light’

It would appear that Dying Light is an ambitious enough project to warrant the opening of a new studio to help lend a hand on it. Techland has officially expanded into North America — specifically Vancouver, Canada — with a studio they’re calling Digital Scapes. This new branch will immediately begin work on “key elements” of Dying Light. I only hope it isn’t a wave survival mode.

In case you missed it, Techland recently gifted us twelve stunning minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming title, which you can find here.

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  • Slasher716

    The game looks great. The scale looks huge, I can see why they’d feel the need for an additional team.

    I hear alot of people calling it “A better Dead Island”
    I’m not sure that’s remotely true, this looks to go beyond that. I see a better comparison for this game, it’s more of a mixture of:

    Far Cry
    Mirror’s Edge
    Dead Rising

    & that’s not all a bad thing, I just hope the formula works! 🙂

  • doomas10

    I, for starters cannot wait for this! If we get what we promised-creative zombie kills, freedom to climb anything we want and proper interesting environments to explore – then this game will be the shit!!!!!

  • BWAShotgun

    Graphics look great, but the game didn’t seduce me in any way yet.

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