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Pay What You Want For ‘Dead Space’ And ‘Dead Space 3’ In EA’s Humble Bundle

There’s eleven days left in the Humble Origin Bundle, which includes Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Mirror’s Edge, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition and Medal of Honor. You can pay what you want to get those games on Origin, and you’ll be helping charities along the way as EA’s share of the proceeds will benefit the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Human Rights Campaign, among others.

If you pay more than the average — currently at $4.81 — you’ll also unlock Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 + Starter Pack. If charitable gaming goodness sounds like a good way to spend your hard-earned money, you can grab the Humble Bundle here.

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  • KittysReaper

    I just got it totally worth it. Don’t know how I feel about having to use origin and it not having dead space 2 (they might put it in half way through).

    • Adam Dodd

      The Origin bit is the most disappointing aspect for me and I would’ve much preferred Dead Space 2 over Medal of Honor. That game was so boring.

      • KittysReaper

        Yeah you are right about that Medal of Honor…. it is so not fun. Origin is the worst idea ever its such a SHITTY thing. I am just hoping that the next games they add(which they should since almost all the humble bundles I have gotten before always get 2 to 3 games added before the last couple days) are just as awesome. Imagine them adding Crysis 1 and 2 …. But I bet it will be Medal of Honor Warfighter.

        • Raziel_cz

          Crysis 2 actually is in the bundle since the beginning. If you meant Crysis 3… I don’t believe it’s going to happen, although it would be really cool. Especially if they added Dead Space 2 and, why the hell not, Warfighter too and let people to complete their collections.

          • KittysReaper

            Yeah I did mean 3 and it would be great if they gave us all of the games in each collection.

    • Raziel_cz

      Man, I hope they’ll add Dead Space 2 so bad!

  • weresmurf

    This packs worth it for burnout paradise by itself… best humble bundle ever. Not the biggest fan of origin but then at least it isnt uplay…

    • Raziel_cz

      I wouldn’t say best Humble Bundle ever. It’s for sure a really pleasant move from EA to sell all these games for ridiculously low price and moreover, give all of them to charitable organizations, but… In my opinion, Medal of Honor is really boring, Mirror’s Edge overrated and Burnout, well, I have never been a fan of racing games. Crysis 2 is a good shooter, but far from “good” of the first title. That leaves only interesting games (again, for me) Dead Space and Dead Space 3. Oh yeah, Battlefield 3 is fine, but I already had it and The Sims isn’t exactly my type of blood.

      This isn’t hate, just my feeling of it. I found the THQ Bundle far more intersting, simply because of Metro 2033, Darksiders and Red Faction. And Saint’s Row, of course. Needless to point out the Double Fine Bundle. Or the series of Indie Bundles. Guess I am as much into independent games (current Weekly Sale is awesome!) as you are in EA products.

      And I agree, Origin is still lesser evil compared to Uplay!

  • nowaygetreal

    In case you guys didn’t realize, for those who don’t like Origin,they provide Steam keys for almost all of the games

    • Milk

      Indeed. They don’t offer a Steam key for DS3 and that was the main reason I purchased this humble bundle. Oh well. It’s still a good deal.

  • EA giving gamers a chance to pay what they want for a few games as well as donating to charity? So they’re not the antichrist? :-O

    • Adam Dodd

      Oops, I guess I forgot to mention that a portion of the proceeds will go toward the ritual sacrificing of babies to please the gaming god (Gabe Newell).

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