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INSANE German Forklift Driver Safety Video Could Be A Horror Film!

Everyone’s favorite madman from Detroit, Jonny B., sent me over the following video that was used to instruct forklift driver safety in Germany.

What ensues is absolute chaos, and a whopping 10-minutes of gore that could easily translate into a horror film.

I learned one thing – stay away from forklifts in general… poor Klaus.



  • sweetooth

    Forklift Driver Klaus is classic, had this video for years. They should make all safety videos like this one!

  • pantenkind

    and that was just his first day!

  • BabyJaneHudson

    Well that’s one way to get people to sit through a 9 minute safety video. Love how it just totally goes off the deep end in the last few minutes.

  • Darkness69

    Looks like someone had fun shooting this.Also, note the quirky music. All in all, love the video!

  • xtiandf78

    Very Final Destination-ish, love it!!

  • brianunfried

    Forklift Driver Klaus is a parody of Safety Films you retards! Not a real safety film.

  • lizimal

    Hi guys. Actually this is not a real work safety film, it’s a very famous short film from, what now, about 10 years ago? It made the festival circuit, and really made a splash on the intertubes back then. One of my fave short films of all time. Surprised you’re just seeing it now!

  • lizimal

    Actually, here’s the IMDB page for it. Looks like it’s 13 years old now, scary! I am so old!

  • wildgator25





  • jack

    Hilarious. Love how all of the accident victims come together in the final sequence. Puts Final Destination 3 & 4 to shame!

  • FPicture

    It is a German short film – but was actually used as a instructional video after the fact, since it uses the real safety instructions. Obviously by companies with a lot of humor… and a taste for gore!

  • Killy

    If we had such ‘safety on the work force area’ films, I might just be inclined to go get a factory type of job. Fucking awesome. I dug the symbolism of the work bell even more so than the happy sunset they got to ride off in. Wait…Oh, yea fuck a factory. I’d rather be unemployed.

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