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[Video Interview] AJ Bowen And Sharni Vinson On Balancing Horror And Humor In ‘You’re Next’!

Holy sh*t! It’s finally You’re Next week! The movie is finally out this Friday, August 23rd and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. To kick off my coverage I’m posting this interview I did with stars AJ Bowen (A Horrible Way To Die, The Signal, The Sacrament, Grow Up Tony Phillips) and Sharni Vinson (Patrick, Bait) last week in Los Angeles.

Since a good deal of the movie remains unspoiled by the trailers we couldn’t get too deep into surprises, but it’s a good primer for the film nonetheless.

In the film, “When a gang of masked, ax-wielding murderers descend upon the Davison family reunion, the hapless victims seem trapped…until an unlikely guest of the family proves to be the most talented killer of all.




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