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Vehicle Mayhem And Undead Hordes Come Together In ‘Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse’

The undead horde has shambled onto T2Dawn Games’ vehicular mayhem game Ravaged in a pretty substantial update. In fact, enough new content has been introduced to warrant the rebranding of the game, which is now been dubbed Ravaged: Zombie Apocalypse — because of all them zombies.

The content update brings with it five new zombie infested maps, shiny new loot and multiple zombie types that can be battled alone or in five-player co-op. If this sounds like your sort of thing, feel free to grab the game on Steam for $9.99 — the promotion ends on the 26th, where it will return to $14.99 — or as a free update if you already own Ravaged.

Read on for a trailer that highlights some of this new content.

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  • Kane Soto

    i love this game but no one fucking plays it…. the regular mp has plenty of servers with at any given time only 2 with people in it… the zombie mode is ok but i prefer the regular (the zombie mode has plenty of people playing but its 5 players per server)

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