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Avenged Sevenfold Stream Entire New Album ‘Hail To The King’

Hard rockers Avenged Sevenfold will be releasing their sixth studio album Hail To The King on August 27th. The album features the current single “Hail To The King” (which you can stream below) as well as “Shepherd Of Fire”, which appears in the fourth and final Call Of Duty: Black Ops II DLC Apocalypse. The album is available for pre-order here.

In anticipation of this release, the band has the album available to stream here.

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  • jao1915

    Great album! Can’t wait to get it!


    EXTREMELY disappointed, but I will admit the title track was so amazing it may have ruined the rest for me. this means war sounds like the fat that metallica trimmed off sad but true

  • pantenkind

    I have never really liked avenged sevenfold, and admittedly I have only really heard their released to radio singles. I have had people tell me I need to dig deeper and there is a badass band here. This song may just make me do that. I even came into this song thinking I was going to hate it and it still kicked ass. Any suggestions on where to start for “the good stuff”?

  • GoreFaceSupreme

    This album put me to sleep. After I got over the blatant Sad but True rip off, the horribly boring drum tracks, uninspiring vocals and the same guitar licks as every other A7X album had me snoring. A very bland album to say the least. Production is great but that’s about it.

    The King is Dead.

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