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Korn’s New Single “Never Never” Available For Purchase

Nu-metal band Korn have made their new single “Never Never” available for purchase on Amazon MP3. The track is the first single from the band’s upcoming album The Paradigm Shift, which comes out October 8th. You can watch a lyric video for the song below.

I don’t know what it is but this song sounds nothing like Korn to me. It’s boring, it’s uninspired, and it doesn’t have any “oomph”. I was never the biggest Korn fan but this is just a bad song regardless of who recorded it. Am I wrong? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Boonraiser

    I’ve listened to Korn for a lone time, (not as much the last decade) and this is quite dull. It’s not even that it’s not heavy at all, but it seems dull and generic. I couldn’t even make it through to the end of the song. I thought with Head coming back that maybe they’d be pumped to try and do a good album again. This single isn’t a good sign.

  • Necrogeddon666

    I was a huge Korn fan in my high school days. As far as I was concerned they could do no wrong. Then Head left and they came out with “Twisted Transistor”, and “See You on the Other Side”. They haven’t made a decent album since “Take a Look in the Mirror”. I am a firm believer that bands need to progress and grow in order to stay relevant, but Korn keep plummeting further and further into this abyss of generic, boring, pop rock. This song is a new low. Don’t be surprised if the rest of the album sounds this uninspired and dull. The rest of the album is probably worse…

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