Doyle Releases Lyric Video For "Valley Of Shadows" - Bloody Disgusting
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Doyle Releases Lyric Video For “Valley Of Shadows”



Ex-Danzig guitarist Doyle has released a lyric video for “Valley Of Shadows”, the current single from his first solo album Abominator. The video is strongly horror themed (which kinda makes sense considering the artist) with skulls, dark forests, tombstones, and more. The video is after the jump.

Also, can we take a second to notice that the video used the wrong “your”? It should be “Swing from the gallows/That hang in the valley of shadows/YOU’RE already on your way/Now forever you will…”

You can pick up Abominator here (be warned that music will start playing automatically, so turn down your speakers).

Got any thoughts/questions/concerns for Jonathan Barkan? Shoot him a message on Twitter or on Bloody-Disgusting!


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