Trailer For Found-Footage ‘Safari’ Into Horror

  • DarrelDreadful

    The “This Is Africa” tagline is kinda offensive. No? lol

    • BabyJaneHudson

      Sort of thought the same thing. Like really?
      Also reminds me of This is Sparta…cheesy.

    • SwampThing13

      It’s only offensive if you’re really over-sensitive

    • Baphomitt

      I was too busy being offended by the terrible trailer.

      • BabyJaneHudson

        Haha, well that definitely didn’t help :)

  • woodchuck

    “This is Africa” is what they said in Blood Diamond

  • weresmurf

    Night vision? Check.
    People running with camera when they should just ditch it? Check.
    Idiots blogging when they should worry about survival? Check.
    Jerky-cam? Check.
    Woman being dragged off into darkness reaching for camera, likely last shot of movie? Check…

    “This is found footage like no other?” Bullshit. This is found footage just like every other found footage movie.