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Enter ‘Bachelors Grove,’ the Most Haunted Location In the States



A series of bizarre murders terrorize the peaceful community of Bachelors Grove. Friendly citizens suddenly turning against their own families. What’s causing such aberrant behavior? Who’s next?

The key to solve the mystery and stop these horrible crimes might be in something that happened at Bachelors Grove Cemetery decades ago… Or maybe in something that didn’t happen?

Bachelors Grove Cemetery, which Bloody Disgusting regularly visits, is one of the top ten scariest places in America, often featured in main stream television networks.

Ricardo Islas’ Bachelors Grove is the first movie ever made inspired on this subject.

During the filming of The Exorcist a number of suspicious circumstances and on-set incidents were reported, leading some to believe the film’s production was cursed.

Some members of the crew of Bachelors Grove are worried they might have a similar situation on their hands, as they have spent the last month filming in various locations of suburban Illinois. A practicing minister who was supposed to be part of the cast drop out after reading the screenplay written by Ricardo Islas and Ruth Camargo. Also one of the main investors of the project walked away two weeks before starting principal photography without providing any explanation. Islas himself spent three days hospitalized the first week he started writing the script.

To follow the shooting step by step and to see weekly production stills, you can visit Bachelors Grove – The Movie Facebook page.


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